I design and write; mostly sardonic, mostly games, mostly geek counterculture.

The blog’s purpose is to orient, structure and inspire my creative work. The current aspiration is to write a weekly newsletter about it through 2020, and to crank out the occasional essay on more significant topics.

The writing polls are there to discover which of my varied interests interest you as well; please vote to help me decide what is worth our attention.

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New on Desk #28 — Aspiring towards productivity - Featuring me struggling to gear up to productivity after a period of cosplaying a forester.
New on Desk #27 — High-Tier Coup - Featuring some choice ideas we've developed for the Coup de Main old school D&D campaign over the first month.
New on Desk #26 — Politics of D&D - Featuring a possible technical take on the core themes of D&D; a follow-up on the conquistadorial thing.
New on Desk #25 — Priming the Pump - Featuring my plans for crowdfunding an old school D&D primer
New on Desk #24 — Wizarding in the Woods - Featuring what passes for thinking among saw-wielding muscle wizards in the underbrush.

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Observations on GNS Simulationism - "Simulationism" is one of three creative agenda modes posited by GNS theory. It is generally considered the least understood of the three. Let's see what we know about it.
C2020 Redux: Core Mechanics Pt. II - A follow-up about C2020 Redux, my attempt at revisioning a classic roleplaying game. This article has more core game mechanics required before moving on to more specific topics.
Point-buy Play and Design - An overview of a popular type of tabletop rpg and what I think of them.
BBRPG: An Introduction to the Imperial League - A setting outline for our upcoming Blood Bowl RPG campaign.
C2020 Redux: Core Mechanics Pt. I - A follow-up about C2020 Redux, my attempt at revisioning a classic roleplaying game. This article covers core game mechanics that pertain to how everything else works.

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The blog’s essentially a varietee show starring me, so the topics do wander a bit. It’s probably about tabletop roleplaying for the most part. Here are some greatest hits you might want to look at to figure out whether this is for you:

We played a tactical shootout rpg where everybody played James Bond. I thoughts it showed some promise, and the premise of having Sean Connery shooting at Timothy Dalton was amusing.

I’ve been remaking Cyberpunk 2020 in celebration of the year of cyberpunk. It’s basically an article series about seeing how I’d write an ’80s style traditional roleplaying game.

I can apparently convince myself that the SM horror franchise Hellraiser is inherently compatible with magical girl anime. The vision is crystal clear, I just need to write a novel that showcases it for other people to appreciate.

And, a few oldies from the ’00s that people seem to like:
Challenge-based Adventuring
What GNS theory claims
The pitfalls of narrative technique in rpg play