Coup Workbook Partials

The Workbook Partials is a collectible digital series I instituted as a cynical backer motivation scheme in the Muster crowdfunding campaign in 2020. The individual issues are chapters of rules draft material from our Coup de Main in Greyhawk old school D&D campaign. The series is published in the form of this “fun” trading game (a veritable ARG, even) where you seek out people with any issues and then barter for them with your soul, illegitimate favours (e.g. biased refereeing), threats or other fungible means. Anybody interested is welcome to participate in the trading game, it’s not intended to be limited to just the campaign backers.

Series Checklist

So as to facilitate the trading game, I’ll make a point of maintaining an up to date series checklist here. The list shows all issues planned for or published in the series. Issues listed as version <1 are in development; anything higher than that and somebody surely has a copy of it.

If you have an older version of any issue on the list, feel free to email me a copy, and I’ll send you the newest version of that same issue in trade. I’m not planning to really get into updating these, but you never know if some really dumb error slips in there, or a clever idea emerges.

Rules of the Game

Well, trading/collecting is a traditional game, so as you do: find somebody else who’s into your particular brand of trading cards (or trading booklets in this case), and see if you can make any mutually beneficial trades. CWPs being digital, you copy the files over to your trading partners, so now you both have a copy of whatever you’re trading. For the legal-minded, you have my explicit permission to do so, as per the licensing text found in the CWP booklets.

You can barter CWPs for other stuff as well, of course, just make sure of the legalities involved. Not money (that takes the fun out of the exercise), and remember that it’s just a game, so sportsmanship and social responsibility are infinitely more valuable than any perceived advantage. Only sucker rubes in the spirit of play, not spirit of meanness.

Looking for trades

I don’t canvass for all the places you might find CWP collectors, but I’ve got a little insider trading circle going at our Discord server. Discord’s proven convenient for trades (you can just attach files to chats, see), so it’s an easy recommend; hit me up for an invite if you want to come play the trading game. I don’t participate myself (would be a bit weird), but I’m certain that you can find all the CWPs (and some other enticing trade goods) being offered by some master trader or other.

When trading with Master Traders, you might find that non-CWP trade items are most desirable; these exceptional collectors already have most CWPs in their collections after all. Maybe prepare some token trade item of your own to offer; intent seems to count in valuation, so just make it something nice and the MTs are likely to approve.

Master Trader?

It’s a wacky honorary appellation you get by collecting 20 CWP issues. You could say that it’s the goal of the trading game, and who doesn’t want to be inducted in an exclusive fellowship.