I came up with Deus’s comment that “Evil always has the advantage of being more proactive” as I wrote this page and I think it’s probably true, because I think there’s a limit to how proactive ‘good’ can be. I don’t think ‘evil’ has a limit, really. All of the tortures Deus mentions are utterly horrific – the Blood Eagle, where someone skins your back, then cuts away all the muscles, then breaks your ribs and pulls your lungs out so you suffocate while in bowel evacuating agony is by far the kindest one on that list. (Crucifixion doesn’t sound that bad, but it takes days to die from it. I imagine the Blood Eagle could be drawn out to some degree, but… look, torture is bad, m’kay?) The Holocaust, all the shit Japan did to China during and before WWII, even just 90% of what happens during any war. There’s no limit. Actual demons have probably never invaded Earth cause there’s nothing left to teach us.