Selling stuff to you

We have some physical copies of various books and games in the cupboard here in Finland, so while we’re not currently really going out of our way to sell them, it’s possible  to mail this stuff out. If you’re interested, ask about it by email. (There used to be some more elaborate webstore here, but it’s a pain to maintain relative to the volume; this’ll work just as well for now, and result in less hassles for everybody.)

Cost of mail overseas to the Americas is prohibitive (it’s like a minimum of 20 € for even a small package), so maybe let’s not do that. It mostly makes sense to ship stuff from here to EU countries, the postages are somewhere in the region of 10 €. We’ll figure it out.

That being said, here’s a quick rundown of the main lineup of products and their prices:

Zombie Cinema 20 €
The World of Near 20 €
Solar System 5 €
Fudge Dice (white, for playing TSoY) 0.5 € each