The following are a collection of reviews, actual play reports and other Internet material related to Zombie Cinema. The cunning plan sez that now you’ll read about the game, learn what others think of it and, overwhelmed by the positive reception, decide to find out yourself what the buzz is about.


These are generally very good, they explain the game better than I do most of the time.

Chris Norwood at Gamer Chris
Crystal Mazur at Flames Rising
The Boardgamegeek page on Zombie Cinema
Tom Li reviews Zombie Cinema
Guilt Free Games review – especially awesome for the boardgamer viewpoint

The Voice of the Revolution episode 23 (podcast)
Animalcast episode 74 (podcast)

Actual Play Reports

The following are playtest and actual play reports written by various people. Let me know if you’ve written about playing the game; I love reading play reports.

Actual People, Actual Play (podcast)
Story Shtick (podcast)

Love Boat Under Siege
Yikes! Zombies!
No brain, no pain!
This time with vampires
Most fun I’ve had in a while
Socially Robust

Right here, tomorrow
“So, you meet in a bar…”
Gaming in Iraq
Zombies Move Slowly
Little Lead Heroes on Zombie Cinema
Zombie (Action!) Cinema
Alien Cinema
Great Balls of Fire

Du plateau dans mon rôle (French)
Lausanne is burning (French)

Other discussion

The following are just general discussion threads about the game. Folks ask questions about the game, I answer them, we hear about people’s experiences playing it, that sort of thing.

Explain Zombie Cinema to me
Tell me your Chombie stories
Minor rules-hack
Zombie Cinema player limit
Zombie Cinema at Animalball

Julkaisen sen sitten lautapelinä (Finnish)

Design notes

The following are some scattered essays from when I designed and planned the publication of the game. They might be interesting if you’re considering publishing your own boardgame on a shoe-string budget.

What the game is designed to do
How we manufactured the Finnish version of the game.
Writing really short rules
Zombie Cinema at Game Design is About Structure

The webpage of the Finnish version of the game