I have some additional resources for the game here. Hopefully they’ll prove interesting.

Advice for play

A lengthy article with hints and technique for playing Zombie Cinema well. If you still have questions about playing the game after reading this, be sure to ask them.

Variant Rules

Zombie Cinema is a flexible game: not only can the rules be fiddled with to account for the local conditions, but you can also switch out the Cinema Cards, game board or other parts of the game to play it in new genres.

Frequently Asked Questions

And answers, too.


I welcome translations of the game rules and components, if anybody wants to make them. Here’s my current collection:

Finnish flag I first published the game in Finnish. I still have a couple of commercial copies available in the Finnish Arkenstone store. The graphic and component design of this edition is painstakingly created handcraft, truly a luxury.

French Flag A solid advocate of the game, Christoph Boeckle, and his friends Romaric Briand, Frédéric Sintes and Magali Coulombié, have translated the game into French. We have printer-friendly translations of the rules, the board and even the cards. Christoph also included a rarity translation of the character creation sticks from the Finnish edition of the game with the card translations. We also have an alternative graphic design of the game, created by Oliver Vulliamy. Most impressive!

German flag The German hobbyist Johannes Spicker graciously helped out and translated the rules for our Spiel Essen appearance.