Arkenstone Publishing is the publishing imprint of a small Finnish partnership, Arkkikivi ay. The partners are the three brothers Tuovinen: Markku, Eero and Jari. Practically speaking, the company is an extension of our roleplaying hobby:

  • Markku is a professional translator, so we’ve translated several roleplaying games for the Finnish market. These have all been games of the indie sort, as that’s the sort of game we like and those games were pretty unknown in Finland when we started in -04.
  • In the independent vein of things, we’ve also fiddled a bit with importing small numbers of independent American rpgs into the Finnish market via our web store and convention presence. The idea here has been to increase the range of options in the relatively limited Finnish rpg market.
  • Eero is a game designer in his own right, so obviously he publishes on the company label. The reason for us having this English-language webpage in the first place is so we can pimp Eero’s games to a wider audience. It would be great wrong of us Finns to keep Eero all to ourselves.

Historically our goals have been about broadening horizons and challenging the Finnish rpg scene culturally. Participation in the larger international context is an exciting opportunity, and we hope to do well by creating and distributing exciting art that enriches the lives of gamers everywhere.